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This is where we would like to give you an insight into Eminence Events and Catering Hire. We will introduce you to Our Team, clearly explain Our Values and tell you Our Story.

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Eminence in a nut shell…

Eminence Events and Catering Hire is a business based in Bolton (north-west England) that caters to weddings, corporate events, family events and much more. We offer creative and exciting ideas to help ensure the success of your event. Don’t just take our word for it, have a browse of our product and project galleries and let us know what you think!

How we do business

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Our team

Shabbir Kara
Managing director
In corporate-speak you could call Shabbir the managing director. In reality he is just an honest, straightforward, hardworking guy with a passion. He is known as a problem-solver, using his engineering experience to come up with ingenious ways to surpass any challenge. His friendly and approachable attitude are probably his most important strengths, knowing that nothing would have been possible without the people he has met along his journey so far.
Yasmin Umarji
Events Co-ordinator
Yasmin is the creative driving force behind the Eminence experience. She listens carefully to what you would like and has the passion, imagination and unbound energy to make your vision a reality. What’s her secret? She will get as excited about your project as you are!
Nazhat Saleem
Culinary expert
Our friendly talented baker creates delicious cupcakes suited to any occasion. Take a look at some of her magnificant creations, displayed on our very own handcrafted cake stand. Please see our cakes page for more details edible conceptions we can offer. If you have something particular in mind, please get in contact with our team to discuss how we can meet your requirements.

Our values


The world is just a collection of diverse perspectives, this is something we not only accept but we relish. Being professional can have a different meaning for different people. For us, being professional means:

  • Acting with honesty and integrity: 
  • Respecting others: 
  • Listening carefully: 
  • Delivering to the best of our ability: 


We know that the success of your event means everything to you…

In our line of work we are very privileged to be involved in some of the most important days of our clients’ lives. We believe that there is nothing more rewarding than successfully contributing to these important moments.We know that the success of your event means everything to you, and seeing you succeed means the world to us.

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To us, being dependable boils down to being worthy of your trust. The way in which we hope to earn your trust is through the following simple actions:

  • Being contactable
  • Being flexible
  • Delivering on time and on budget

Our story

On one cold evening, a long long time ago, in an age gone by (sometime in 2014); our founder Shabbir found himself in the jaws of despair having been let down by his catering supplier. On that fateful night, when it seemed that all was lost, a ray of hope… 

… an idea!