Rotating Cake Stands

Our cupcake stands take cake displays to a whole new level. With a version for every eminence theme, there is a wide selection to choose from. Colours can be added to complement your chosen scheme and flowers can be added too.
Best of all, our cake stands actually rotate! Adding motion to our already visually stunning pieces has been a massive hit with our clients and leaves a lasting impression with their guests.

Our previous work

You can view more of our cupcake tables if you click here!

Product pricing

Due to the high level of customisation available, we base our pricing of these products on a tier system. You chosen products will be classified based on complexity, size and the components used. Although you can find a rough list of the features you may expect to find in a tier below, the list is not exhaustive and is flexible with the ability to switch out one feature for another comparable one.

Tier 1
Basic range
Rotating Cupcake Table
Tier 2
Additional extras
Rotating Cupcake Table
Includes 150 cupcakes
8" Sponge Cake

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We are based in the north west of England and we cover the areas listed below. We are able to provide services further afield under certain circumstances to get in touch if you would like to hold an event outside of these areas.

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